9:30 - 10:30 AM
5:00 - 6:00 PM
Monday Through Saturday
Closed on Sundays and Holidays

Limited hours for customers provide our canine clients with a less stressful
environment throughout the day and gives us time to properly care for them in an
uninterrupted manner.

Why are we closed on Sundays and Holidays even though
we are still here caring for the dogs that day?

While we still care for our boarding guests 365 days of the year, we are closed for
drop-offs and pick-ups on Sundays and Holidays. This allows us, and your dogs,
one day that is less stressful and relaxed where we can adjust our schedules so that
we can plan and enjoy our day doing something we may not ordinarily get to do.

As a small, home-based business, we appreciate your understanding our need for
an unscheduled day each week and on Holidays.

Please pick up one of our business cards-the hours are listed on the back.

2020 RATES:
ALL RUNS ARE Indoor/Outdoor with a 4' x 5' interior and a
4' x 12' exterior run.  In very cold weather dogs are kept safely in the interior run only
with extra potty breaks throughout the day to the exterior exercise areas.

Due to Covid 19 Shutdowns, travel restrictions and generally cautious travel,
Shadowland has suffered significant loss of revenue this year.  Therefore, we have found
it necessary to raise our nightly fees slightly in order to ensure that we can remain open
and still provide the same great care for our clients in the future.  
Thank you for understanding.

$21.00 a Night per Dog
$25.00 Minimum fee for single night stays.

$14.00 a Night per Cat
$18.00 Minimum Fee for single night stays.

3 or more Dog Discounts
(one owner + 2 dogs sharing one run)

3 Dogs - $58.00/Night
4 Dogs - $76.00/Night

Please ask about discounts for
5 or more dogs.

Cat Boarding:
We have modern cat enclosures that provide a safe and sanitary environment for
your cat during their stay. Cats are in a cozy room separate from the dogs and have a
window to look outside. Each enclosure is equipped with a cat perch. Your cat will
receive plenty of attention, ear scratches and, if possible, some time outside his suite
at Shadowland Kennels.

The Boarding Kennel

Welcome to Shadowland Kennels. Constructed in 2001, we have a modern, clean and
secure environment to house your pet while you are away. Our 28 unit
Indoor/Outdoor dog boarding kennel is climate controlled with Central Air and
wonderful Radiant Floor Heat to warm the floor for your dog in the winter.

We pride ourselves in keeping a clean, safe and friendly environment for your dog.  
Your dog will quickly learn to use the doggy door to go either inside or outside
within his enclosure. The interior kennel is not dark and dismal, but well aired with
ceiling fans and naturally lit with several windows.

Your dog can play with other dogs in one of our fenced outside play areas twice daily
or, if you prefer, have the area all to himself for a little outside stretching. This area
is rocked so that your dog stays clean even on a rainy day.

For an extra fee, your dog can be taken for a private hillside walk around our pond
or have one on one playtime in our training facility.

Dogs are made to feel welcome, loved and comfortable by our responsible and
friendly staff. Most dogs genuinely get excited about their visit to Shadowland
Kennels. They look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones and love the
biscuits, cuddling, butt-scratching and head pats given generously by the staff.
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Established in 1993, with our new facility built in 2000, Shadowland offers quality
Training Classes and Boarding for you and your pet.  Our facility is located in a country
setting where your dog can enjoy the fresh air, sights and scents of the Iowa
landscape.   Our indoor training facility is a 3,000 square foot fully matted area.

Julie McVay owns the facility, which is located at her residence, so she is on hand nearly
all the time to supervise and care for the boarding clients.  This is a home away from
home for your dog.   No one can better care for your pet in a boarding situation than
the passionate person who built and owns it.  This holds true for all successful Boarding
facilities around the country.  Our business grew organically from a passion for the
proper care of dogs and providing them with the best possible environment for their
physical, mental and social needs.

We have over 25 years of experience in caring for and training dogs.   We know and
love dogs!  
We hope your dog can become a part of our extended canine family.

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Shadowland Obedience & Boarding

Indoor/Outdoor Boarding Facility

2501 Galeston Avenue
Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
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Serving the Oskaloosa, Ottumwa, Knoxville, Pella and surrounding communities.

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