Kennel Policies
Shadowland Kennels
Cost:   Dogs: $20.00 minimum for single night stays.  Two nights or more, $17.00/night per dog.    Cats- $12.00 Per
Night.  $15.00 Minimum.   Other minimum fees and costs may apply during Holidays.  We feed Iams Food and prefer
that you do not bring your own food.  If you must bring your dog’s own food, it must be in a sealed plastic or metal
container labeled with your dog’s name.   The price remains the same.  Exercise:  Dogs are allowed to exercise in the
Exercise Area two to three times each day.  Please advise us if your dog can NOT play with other compatible dogs.  
Otherwise, we allow compatible dogs to exercise together when appropriate.

Vaccinations:  Dog must be up to date on Rabies and Parvo/Distemper boosters and you must supply proof of
vaccinations.  This is a State Requirement.  All Puppies under the age of 6 months and all NEW incoming dogs must have
proof of a negative fecal sample within 30 days prior to boarding.  Adult, returning dogs should have a negative fecal
each year.  Dogs should also be on a Veterinarian supplied Heartworm Preventative as well as Flea and Tick prevention
seasonally.  Please help us keep Shadowland Disease and Parasite Free.

Drop off & Pick-up: No drop offs or pick-ups before 9:30 a.m.  Hours are between 9:30-10:30 AM and 5:00-6:00
PM, Monday thru Saturday.  Closed Sundays and Holidays.  If you have an emergency, please call to ask if we can take
your dog at an alternate time-a $20.00 charge applies for all approved, planned alternate pick-up or drop off times.  
Unplanned outside of regular hours = $100.00 charge.

Cancellations:  Please make reservations well in advance, if possible.  Holidays can and do fill up quite early.  
Likewise, make any cancellations promptly.  We reserve the right to bill customers for cancellations made less than 48
hours in advance.   We are often unable to fill a boarding space at the last minute after having turned down numerous
requests because we are full.  We also reserve the right to ask for a credit card number to hold your reservation during
our peak times of the year.

Entering Kennel:  All dogs are required to be leashed or crated when on the kennel property.  If we are open for
business, the front door will be unlocked and the sign will say Open.     If no one is in the entry way, knock on the kennel
wing doors, but please do not enter unattended.   We are not responsible for any incidents that happen due to negligence
of customers.  Entering the kennel without a staff person in attendance is potentially dangerous and we insist that you not
do this.  Dogs are occasionally allowed free time in the kennel and may be loose upon entering.  Loss of that dog or
injury to humans or canines is always a possibility.  If it appears no one is in attendance, please call first if you have a
phone or, go to the burgundy door on the south side of the big building, our home, and knock.  If it appears that no one is
there, please wait at the boarding kennel or call one of the other numbers on the door, as it could be that we have been
somehow delayed or are in an emergency situation.  

Bedding: CLEAN bedding is allowed.  Bedding is at risk of being destroyed by the dog next to yours, so please be
prepared for damage or loss.  If you bring bedding, it must be freshly washed.  Bedding will be removed at the discretion
of the kennel.  We can also provide a towel or blanket for your pet.  Crates for small dogs are allowed in their runs.

Toys, Chews… As with bedding, make sure you are willing to part with toys you bring as they can be destroyed.  We
encourage you to bring or purchase safe chew toys/bones for your dog to help relieve stress during their stay.  Toys that
are, in our opinion, not safe will be removed.  Please, no more than 3 toys per dog.

Collars: Flat buckle collars with one or two tags are recommended if your dog wears a collar.  Your dog does not need
to wear any collar.  Excessive tags or loosely attached tags are prone to catch on chain link and are not recommended.  
Training collars such as chokes and prongs are not allowed on the dog in housing units.

Crating: Dogs will be housed in runs.  Smaller dogs may be crated if we have no available runs.  Crated dogs receive
plenty of attention and are exercised a minimum of three times daily.  Any dog might be crated during its stay for any of
the following reasons among other things at the kennels discretion: Continual urination/defecation in interior run area.  
Destruction of kennel or dog door.  Fighting/antagonizing with other dogs.  Separation anxiety that causes behavior that
could be harmful to the dog.   Excessive barking.  Routine cleaning.  

Food and Water: We feed twice daily.  Fresh water is always available.  It is common for your dog to miss a meal or
several meals while being boarded.  It is also somewhat common for them to develop loose stools.  This can be due to
stress.  These symptoms of stress usually resolve quickly on their own as the dog acclimates.  Feeding your dog a quality,
premium food can greatly reduce your dog’s symptoms of stress.  We have great success with Iams as a food your dog
will board well with even if switching from another food.   We encourage you to allow us to feed your dog unless they are
on a prescription diet.

Aggressive dogs: The kennel will not tolerate aggressive dogs.  We reserve the right to refuse service and/ or handling
of aggressive dogs.  If your dog threatens to bite, it may be considered aggressive.  Decisions on this are final.

Male dogs and Bitches in season: Male dogs are expected not to ‘mark’ inside the housing units.  Repeated
incidence of this will require the dog to be crated or housed in an exclusively outdoor unit.  Bitches in season will be
crated during their peak period.  The charge for boarding bitches in season is $20.00 each day she is in season.