K-9 Basics Seminar
Items covered;
Appropriate corrections for
problem behaviors-
chewing, barking, biting/mouthing and jumping.
Housetraining, leash training and interactive play.

Sit, Down, Stand and loose lead walking.

routines and training help owners find the
way to a balanced dog and relationship.
2 Hours.
Get a Head Start on the 7 week class!

Can't come to the Beginners Class?
No Problem-Come to Basics for only $
30.00 for
the whole household!

You will not bring your dog to this session.

This session is open to anyone at a cost of
$25.00. It is ideal for those preparing to get a
dog. Please tell your friends!

Next K-9 Basics Seminar

In conjunction with our first night of
Beginners class this session.  No dogs are
brought to the first night so it is open to
anyone wishing to learn more and get started
even if they can't come to the Beginners class.
K-9 Basics is a one night
Seminar that covers all the
basics you need to get started
with your dog!
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