Shadowland Agility
Agility is a fun dog sport that can be
done for competition to earn titles on
your dog or for fun to build confidence
and a working relationship with your dog.
Shadowland offers Beginner and Intermediate Level
Agility Classes periodically throughout the year.  We
also have a small group of dedicated competitors
that we offer continued training for.   We encourage
anyone who is interested in Agility to give it a try.  
Most dogs LOVE it!
Beginners- 4 week session - $60.00
Intermediate- 4 week session - $55.00

Sometimes we offer continued training after
Beginners on a per night cost basis.  Those
sessions are $15.00/night.
Beginners Agility
is all obstacle familiarization and is a very
easy, fun class for anyone who is interested in
just having some fun or getting the basics
down to move on to Intermediate and/or
competition in Agility events. We introduce all
obstacles in Beginners and you will be
surpirsed at how fast your dog will pick things
up. Your dog is on leash for most of this class.
Obstacles are lower than regulation to start
with so don't be afraid that your dog can't do
it. That is what class is for-so they can learn at
a lower height and build confidence.
Intermediate Agility
is for those who have been through Beginners and
those who have already done Intermediate but
want to continue training. We will cover the
foundations for sequencing, getting your dog to
go from one obstacle to the next 'correct' obstacle
in order. You will begin learning a little about
handling your dog and how to get them to go the
direction you want them to. Those who are in
round two or three of Intermediate will be able to
incorporate new concepts in handling if they are
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